Custom Development

Our strength lies in our ability to blend current management practice and IT expertise into cost-effective custom software.

Web Development

Web applications have become an important tool for businesses to communicate with customers, collaborate with your employees and to provide needed information to make difficult business decisions.

A web application allows you to log in and retrieve data to or from a database over the internet. You may ask why my business needs a web application firstly a web application can improve efficiency. Having multiple spreadsheets or still shuffling paperwork is time consuming, by using these methods you can’t protect your business from human errors. Web applications can help you streamline your processes with greater accuracy and in less time.

When using a web application, you can access your data 24/7. Web applications provide a higher level of security you don’t have to worry about a damaged or stolen computer, web applications are completely flexible and scalable to your business’s demands and growth. When using web applications, you avoid the hassle of installing the software on every device, it is also less punishing on older or lower spec’d computers.

Zwarts IT Solutions can help you develop web applications that is adaptable and evolves with your business, our web application developers are Microsoft Certified App Developers and are highly qualified. We develop the system in phases by adding required functionality as your business grows. Web application eliminates the limitation of being stationary at your offices.

Desktop Development

Need to rebuild or update old legacy systems ? You can leverage our software skills to help you with your legacy system. We ensure that our software can easily integrate with other third party out-of-the-box or custom software.

API Development and Integration

The rising demand for dynamic web and mobile applications has issued an important role for API development.
What is an API ?An API is a set of commands for accessing a web-based application. It acts as a software-to- software interface allowing applications to interact. Single page and mobile applications use APIs to connect to the server.